Smart Water Purifier for your Kitchen or Bar

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Smart Water Purifier 1000G RO Membrane Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for your Kitchen


● Suitable water pressure: 0.1 - 0.4 MPa

● Suitable water temperature: 5 - 38 degree

● 4 filter level has a deep purification, let you to drink fresh and clean water

● RO reverse osmosis filtration core automatic washing technology, wash away impurities, avoid the filter clogging

● It is capable of operating at 2.6L / min with 1:1 super high water production rate, even up to almost 1000 gallons

● Intelligent pure water producing technology, the water purification speed increased 250 percent than First generation one.

● The RO layer removes harmful microorganisms, bacteria, heavy metals, antibiotics, hard impurities and other organic matter

● Self-service of replacing fiIter eIement, simply unscrew the filter and replace it easily.

● It onIy needs to replace the filter element twice in 3 years, and the filter life is double than others.

● The water purification rate is adjusted between 4:1-2:1 and far exceeds the new international first-class water efficiency.

● 352 water purifier creatively applies the intelligent auxiliary heat system to put warm baby on the water purifier to ensure stable water in the four seasons.

Package includes:
1 x water purifier

1 x Stainless steel water faucet

1 x Three way ball valve

1 x Three straight quick connector

2 x Three L type quick connectors

1 x Two L type quick connectors

2 x Filter

3 x PE tube

5 x Cards

1 x Use manual

Brand Name: DIGOO
Use: Household Pre-Filtration
Water treatment machine Type: Central Water Purifier
Certification: CE
Model Number: water purifier
Purifying Position: Central Purification
Power (W): 120W
Function: Direct Drink
Type: Activated Carbon
Material: RO Membrane
Installation: Kitchen Type
Model: S100 / S100C
Type: 352 Water Purifier
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Max Speed: 1000 gallons of large flow
Product Executive Standard Code: GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.19-2008
Model Standard Code: CMIITID:2017DP7231 radio transmitting module